​These notes apply to all having Hair and OR Makeup services to ensure the day runs to schedule.

  • All having hairstyling please wash hair the day prior

  • Wash twice with shampoo, using minimal conditioner and rinse with cold water to enhance shine

  • Make sure hair is clean and 100% dry on the day ready for styling. We cannot use heat tools on wet hair and do not allow extra time for drying wet hair

  • If your hair tends to be dry you can apply a small amount of product such as a leave-in conditioner or product you know works well in your hair to reduce frizz only through the mid-lengths and ends

  • If your hair tends not to hold curl well, apply a small amount of mousse through hair from ends to roots when wet

  • Please notify me if anyone having their hair styled has very thick or curly hair or are planning to wear extensions as this takes extra time

  • Tape and clip in hair extensions are available for installation with one month's notice for anyone wanting extra volume or length

  • Sending through a photo of your current hair and an image of a style or two you have in mind this can be very helpful and save time on the day

  • Have ready at least one reference image of hair/makeup you like preferably with similar hair colour to your own

Please pass this information on to all having hairstyling for the day of your event.


        Prep for the day of your event 

  •  Gently exfoliate the night prior for glowing skin

  •  Have your eyebrows cleaned of any stray hairs *

  •  Haircut or trim and treatment for bounce and shine *

  •  Lash lift and tint *

  •  Hair extensions for added length and volume *

  •  Manicure/pedicure

  •  Drink lots of water before and on your day

  •  Try to get as much sleep as possible the night before!

       On the day of your event​

  • Ensure your hair and face is clean

  • Make sure to allow 1 hour per hair and per makeup of uninterrupted time for me to complete your look

        Helpful extras to bring

  •  Touch up lipstick ( or you may purchase loaded brush from me) *

  •  Transparent powder and brush if you tend to get oily skin

  •  Bra tape

  •  Cotton tips

  •  Safety Pins

  •  Scissors

  •  Lash glue (duo)

  •  Toothpicks

  •  Straws

Services marked * can be found on my services list.

If you would like to arrange a haircut or trim to have your hair in optimum condition for your event make sure to book in with your hairdresser or pair a haircut with your trial with me.

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